Hi, I'm Sealy, the librarian. I'm a nice boy, amn't I?

These awful people - magadanians - do not like us, seals,
because we are (you just think!) UNEATABLE for them. They say also
we are stealing the salmon fish from their nets when they go fishing.

But thank God for my taste characteristics! 
I can work safely without being afraid to be eaten by my hungry chief
and some of readers
(not you, of course - I don't suspect you in such thoughts!).
And as for fish, m-m-m... but only for living, my word of honor!
The salary of librarian is too small, you see...

Well, come with me - Old Sealy will show you something about our land.

Here we have three halls.

In MEMORIAL HALL you'll find some links and commentaries
about Kolyma Land history.

The MODERN HALL contains links to sites of voyagers
to Kolyma Land in recent years.

The PRIVATE HALL is devoted to personal and family pages
of magadanians and guests of Kolyma Land.