Well, I'm really a bit sentimental.
To understand it, one has to imagine the life of a young man
in the Soviet Union of 1960th - 1970th, when the music of "bourgeoise" character and origen was practically unavailable. We had no posibilidad of travelling free abroad, seeing the great part of international film classics and reading the ideologically harmful books.
   "Archipelago GULAG" or a novel of Yan Fleming:
invitation to KGB and few years of prison
The run of slightly erotic (no porno!) videofilm:
invitation to KGB and few years of prison
The performance of the ideologically harmful song:
invitation to KGB and removal from the country

The pages of that library are my reflections of the memory of these years.
Nevertheless we have heard these songs.
We have read these books: hand-printed or in bad photocopias.
KGB had the power on our bodies, but not on our souls.

And now the men from KGB have the state power in my country again.
But now I am far away from it for not to see them nevermore in my life.
I was free from their damned ideology in my youth.
I am free from their damned presence now.
Serge A Kroupoder                                                          Tuxtla Gutierrez Mexico March 2004  
Andy Williams
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