I hated dogs.

It was from my early childhood, when I had the unlucky appointment with this kind of animals: the large scar on my right leg remains me about it up to now.
But in the January, 1995 my sister had done me a gift: the five-weeks pup of English Cocker Spaniel, born in Magadan, just as me.
That gift turned my life over.

For all us - BASIA. 
Our first training in the club. April, 1995
The dog's lady: my family tree was nuts in respect to her one.

The winner of the first diplomas of the dog`s exhibitions.

And a member of our family, as a human creature.

Her life was short for a dog: they have malignant tumors too, as we do.

We fought for her more than a year with the best doctors of our region,
but it was a will of God - or a Devil, I don` know.

She had gone from us in a bright summer day.

She liked the grass - the background of this page...  
I love you all. But I have to go forever...

The last days. June, 2002
Being not a religious person - but now after her  I beleive,
the souls of our dogs to meet us after our death
to divide the heavens or the hell with their master forever.

So we`ll meet one day - for not to separate more.

Me and our red dog on the green, green grass of our new home.

Me and Basia.

Two Magadanians.